Heribert Rau - Beethoven, An Artist's Life

Heribert Rau - Beethoven, An Artist\'s Life
«While he was thus thinking, his mind turned again to the eagle, soaring so far above the world in his illuminated loneliness, and, all at once, it became clear to him that, if he would be truly great through music, he must live and act for this idea, and for this alone, – that he must esteem it above all else in life, above friends and kindred, above friendship and love, above riches, honor, happiness. He stood still, for an ice-cold chill ran over him. He had in thought had a glimpse of that soundless, loftly loneliness in which the eagle, great but joyless, was hovering, and it shook him as Mahomet was shaked when, according to the tradition, God laid his hand in blessing on his head...»

ISBN: 978-1-326-83298-8
362 pages
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